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Common Work Injuries

There are many types of injuries that can happen at work.  Any injury on the job is a potential workers' compensation claim.

Learn more about the common types of injuries seen in workers' compensation law.

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One of the most common types or workers' compensation claims is for a low back injury.  This can be a more mild injury such as a back strain or sprain, or it could be more serious such as a disc herniation or fracture.

One of the most important factors in insuring you obtain benefits for your injury is that the workers' compensation insurer accepts the correct injury condition or diagnosis.  Often, you might receive a Notice of Acceptance for a back strain when you actually have a disc herniation.  This is a problem because if you need surgery or an injection for the disc herniation, the insurer would not cover it because they had only accepted a strain.


If you are concerned this is happening in your case, you should consult with a Portland workers' compensation attorney about how to protect your rights. 



Knee and shoulder injuries are very common in workers' compensation.  These range from strain and sprains to torn meniscus and rotator cuff tears.  Knees and shoulder work injuries are particularly prone to result in the need for surgery.  This makes your claim benefits more valuable and you will want to make sure the insurer properly accepts the correct condition(s).

If you miss work due to the need for surgery you will want to make sure you receive your full time loss benefits as well.


Carpal tunnel and epicondylitis generally fall into the "occupational disease" category of Oregon workers' compensation.  This means the burden of proof is higher for the injured worker.  The worker must prove the major cause of his or her condition is their employment.  Some doctors will never agree carpal tunnel is work related becuase they think it is always a genetic condition.  However, most doctors will support a claim if it is clear the condition was caused by work activities.  

If you think you have a workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel or epicondylitis, ask your doctor if they think the condition is related to your work.  If so, you should file a workers' compensation claim.


Hearing loss is also an "occupational disease" and the injured worker must prove the major cause of the hearing loss is noise exposure at work.  In Oregon, this includes exposure to noise while serving in the military.

It is easier to prove the majority of hearing loss is work related if the injured worker is still working or recently retired.  However, there are many good claims filed well into retirement.  Hearing loss claims must be filed within one (1) year of the injured worker being told by a doctor that his or her hearing loss is work related.  For more information about hearing loss workers' compensation claims: click here.


Stress claims are a special category of Oregon workers' compensation claims that have extra requirements.  The stress condition must be a medically recognized stress condition that is diagnosed by your doctor.  The condition must be caused in major part by employment, but not by conditions generally inherent in every job.  This essentially means the stressor must not be a normal work-type stress such as having to be at work at a certain time, dealing with a difficult boss, or having a negative performance review.  The types of work stressors that are valid are things like car crashes, crisis situations experienced by emergency responders, and illegal harassment.

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Alana has practiced workers' compensation law in Oregon for more than ten years and represented over four hundred clients before the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board.  She has also served on the Oregon State Bar Workers' Compensation Executive Committee.  She has extensive experience in the complicated area of Oregon's workers' compensation laws. 


Alana has been a licensed attorney with the Oregon State Bar since 2007.  

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Alana has extensive experience in the field of Oregon Workers' Compensation Law.  She worked for several large defense workers' compensation law firms before opening her own practice and following her dream of representing injured workers.  

Her background as both a defense and claimant's attorney gives her particular insight into managing a successful workers' compensation case.  She is dedicated to helping her clients obtain all the benefits they are entitled to under the law.

Alana lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, son, and daughter.  She enjoys helping her clients, painting, reading, and the outdoors.  

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